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Car safety systems that actually lead to distracted driving

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2020 | Car Accidents

Systems that have been designed to make driving easier and safer may actually be putting drivers at risk. Touchscreens, lane keeping assist and adaptive cruise control can lull South Carolina drivers into letting their guard down, which can lead to serious accidents. The solution is not necessarily getting rid of these systems: It is teaching drivers how to use them properly.

A study that was released by the AAA Foundation revealed that individuals put too much trust in these systems and do not know how to use them correctly. However, when these technologies are used correctly, they do make the roads safer. This underscores the challenges faced by the auto industry as it continues its slow transition to self-driving cars.

Car safety systems like lane assist and adaptive cruise control are merely support systems. Drivers still need to remain alert and attentive. For example, lane assist technology is designed to gently tug on the steering wheel when it detects that the car is starting to drift. It is in place to aid the driver and alert them to danger, not take over. The driver still needs to have both hands on the wheel and be attentive the whole time they are driving.

The study by the AAA Foundation concluded by saying that these systems actually make drivers twice as likely to engage in distracted driving in comparison to those who do not use these systems. An individual who has been the victim of an accident that was caused by a negligent driver may want to discuss their case with an attorney. An attorney may answer the individual’s questions about car accidents caused by distracted drivers and the steps that could be taken to get compensation. The lawyer may be able to represent a client in court and use evidence to prove that the other driver was distracted.