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How do individuals most commonly get hurt at grocery stores?

On Behalf of | Apr 10, 2020 | Premises Liability

When you walk into most grocery stores here in Myrtle Beach, you likely notice how orderly everything is. It’s not a coincidence that these types of establishments are often well-organized, have sparkling clean floors, wide aisles and are well-lit. Retailers do all of this to minimize the risk of someone getting hurt. It’s sometimes not enough for stores to take these measures though.

Grocery store owners have to often concern themselves with the potential of a customer slipping and falling. This is why you’ll often see workers routinely sweeping, mopping or polishing floors at your local Myrtle Beach grocery store.

Workers are often encouraged by their bosses to wait until after the store has closed for the evening to clean up. Spills and leaky roofs or pipes may occur at unexpected times, though, leaving unassuming customers at risk for getting hurt.

Another threat that both workers and customers at grocery stores face is mechanical dangers. Either one of these individuals can encounter a forklift or other heavy equipment. While store workers should have undergone special training as to how to best operate this machinery before operating it, their employer may require them to use it without checking to make sure that they’re comfortable in doing so. This can result in a customer unintentionally getting hurt.

As clean as store management tries to keep facilities, there are always things that may fall off shelves. There may be electrical cords, vacuums, carts, ladders and other items that may be placed in the aisles. All of these may put workers and customers alike at risk of tripping and falling.

There are bacterial hazards that customers and workers alike have to contend with as well. Deli or butcher shop customers or workers may easily develop bacterial infections due to not practicing good hygiene practices.

It’s the responsibility of all business owners to take reasonable steps to keep their premises safe. If the person who owns that property fails to step up to the plate to do that and someone gets hurt, then South Carolina law may allow you to sue in such instances. An attorney in Myrtle Beach may advise you that it’s in your best interest to file suit after reviewing the details surrounding your case.