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Think about your goals to develop a defense strategy

On Behalf of | May 22, 2020 | Criminal Defense

Criminal charges must be address promptly, but you can’t do this without evaluating your options. One of the first decisions you’ll have to make is how you plan to plead to the charges. Most people opt to plead not guilty so they have a chance to develop a defense to fight the accusations. We can help you learn the possible defense strategies that you have for your case.

The exact options you have for your defense depend on the specifics of the case. We look into each aspect of what happened and work to find solutions for you. The goal of your defense is to call the prosecutor’s points into question if your case goes to trial.

We know that some defendants don’t want to go through a trial. We can work on a plea deal for you, but we always remember that there is a chance this won’t happen. Being ready to prepare for trial is important so that there isn’t any wasted time.

As you think about your defense strategy, be sure that you consider how the outcome of your case might impact your future. Some charges, such as drunk driving, drug possession and assault, might have a significant effect on things like your career prospects. This can affect what you’re able to earn. Convictions of that nature may also alter what living arrangements you can have since some landlords do a background check and won’t rent to individuals who have convictions.

We know that you have a lot to think about. Once we know your goal for the case, we can work with you to set a defense strategy that you’re comfortable with.