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Who is liable for injuries suffered at the beach?

On Behalf of | Jun 4, 2020 | Premises Liability

South Carolina is home to one of the most popular beaches in the American South. Each summer, Myrtle Beach draws people from near and far to its shores for fun and relaxation under the sun. Although beaches are relatively safe for the most part, sometimes the unexpected happens, leaving victims nursing a serious injury or illness.

Many things can happen to harm you at the beach. You can be hurt by algae blooms containing toxic substances or water contaminated with sewage. Severe injuries to the spinal cord or extremities can occur from swimming in areas with dangerous waves breaking on the shore. Shark bites can also occur, though rarely, and you can probably imagine how that type of injury can feel.

Sometimes, the problem is minor and there is no need to worry about liability. Other times, the injury is quite serious leading you to wonder about premises liability claims and other remedies. Unfortunately, learning which party or parties are liable for your harm is difficult.

In these cases, it is wise to take your story to a skilled premises liability attorney for assistance in identifying the liable parties. Seeking guidance comes with several benefits in addition to determining who is responsible for your injury. For example, legal assistance gives you the greatest chance of determining all sources of financial compensation.

Sometimes, the best source of compensation may come through a lawsuit against the city or entity responsible for beach safety. Other times, your lawyer may help you file one or more insurance claims to address your damages. Still other times, it may even be possible to seek compensation through both a lawsuit and insurance claims.