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Defending yourself after a bar fight

On Behalf of | Aug 28, 2020 | Criminal Defense

The consumption of alcohol combined with an unpleasant interaction with another person can lead to a toxic situation. Tensions can run high, and you may become fearful of being harmed even before any fists are swung.

If you are facing charges of assault after being involved in a bar fight, it is important that you understand how to successfully defend yourself. The following are some potential defenses that are used against these kinds of charges:


It’s unlawful to engage in physical violence against someone or to threaten another person with violence without a legitimate cause. One of the only legitimate causes is acting in self-defense. If you believed that you were in immediate danger of serious harm unless you acted physically to protect yourself, it is possible to defend yourself by arguing that you acted in self-defense.

Defense of another

You can also legitimately engage in violence if you’re doing so to defend someone else who cannot defend themselves. For example, if your spouse was knocked to the ground by someone and you stepped in and threw a few punches to protect your spouse from harm, that could be a valid defense.

Mistaken identity

In fights, it’s common for multiple people to be involved, with some acting violently and others not. You may have entered the fight to try and pull a friend away from the brawl, but you may have been mistaken for one of the principles in the fight. You may be able to defend yourself by proving that you were not the one who acted violently.

If you have been accused of assault in South Carolina, take immediate action to successfully defend yourself. By doing so, you may be able to have all charges dropped.