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This type of motorcycle accident is the most common

On Behalf of | Dec 7, 2020 | Car Accidents

If you want to stay safe while riding your motorcycle, it’s crucial that you really understand the specific risks that you face. These extend beyond the risks of your own choices — how fast to drive, what roads to take, etc. You face many dangers caused by those you have to share the road with.

How do these negligent individuals cause motorcycle accidents? They happen in a few different ways, but there is one type of accident that stands out as the most common: The left-turn crash.

How it happens

The left-turn accident, in this context, refers to when the other car is turning left and the motorcycle is traveling straight. That car has to turn through the motorcyclist’s lane on a two-lane road. They’re supposed to wait, yield the right of way to the bike, and turn when they have space and time to do so safely.

However, people often rush the turn, do not see the motorcycle at all, miscalculate how far away the bike is or make some other error in judgment. This results in the car turning directly in front of the motorcycle. The rider, having no time to react and few safe ways to avoid a crash, slams into the passenger side of the vehicle.

What rights do you have?

All of this can happen in a split-second. One minute, you’re riding safely. The next, you’re on the way to the hospital. Make sure you understand your rights and the legal options you have.