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The many dangers associated with swimming pools

On Behalf of | Jan 14, 2021 | Premises Liability

There are countless hotels and vacation homes around Myrtle Beach. Many of them have swimming pools. It’s a property owner’s responsibility to keep their premises reasonably safe, including their swimming pools. Many property owners turn a blind eye to the safety dangers that these pose, however.

Dangers that swimming pools pose

Many pools have staircases or ladders that allow swimmers to get into or out of them more easily. Poorly maintained, slippery stairs can put a swimmer at risk for slipping and falling. Untethered ladders can quickly become dangerous projectiles when someone steps on them. Both can leave a person with significant head injuries, broken bones and other medical ailments. 

While these injuries are common, they aren’t the only danger around a pool:

  • Another danger that property owners must concern themselves with is the electrical problems that their pool may have. It’s critical that they bond the electrical system with the heavy ground wire or otherwise, it leaves anyone who uses it vulnerable to a potential electrical shock.
  • Property owners who fail to adequately maintain their pool water’s chemical levels may expose their visitors to life-threatening staph infections and other illnesses.
  • Pool pump lines, and more specifically single drain suction ones, pose a significant danger to the user’s safety. A swimmer may suffer significant injuries if a pool doesn’t feature dual suction drains, especially if one or both become obstructed.
  • Pool toys can be potentially life-threatening, especially if they entice young children to jump in the water while unattended.
  • Diving boards result in at least 50% of annual pool-related injuries. Pool slides are also dangerous. It’s not uncommon for swimmers to fall off of either of these.

The risks posed by a poorly-maintained pool or a pool where there is little security or supervision are almost endless.

Can you sue a negligent property owner for your injuries?

Injuries such as slips and falls, spinal cord damage and head trauma are far too commonplace around pools. They often arise from negligence on the part of the pool’s owner. An attorney can help you recover damages if a property owner’s negligence resulted in you suffering a severe injury at a Myrtle Beach or Conway swimming pool.