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The right riding gear can make motorcyclists safer

Riding a motorcycle enables you to enjoy the fresh air and see things clearly around you. Unfortunately, this freedom comes with great risks.

It’s imperative that anyone who’s riding a motorcycle takes the time to dress properly in the correct gear to help reduce their risk of catastrophic injury. There’s more on the subject below.

What kind of gear do you need for the road?

One piece of gear that is often underestimated is the proper footwear. The lower limbs, particularly the feet and ankles, are at great risk of injury when you’re in a motorcycle crash. Instead of wearing flimsy shoes or shoes that can easily come off, you should wear sturdy shoes. Riding boots, for example, fit snugly and secure above the ankle. This provides protection to the feet and ankle area.

You also need to wear pants that can reduce the likelihood of you suffer from road rash. Thin pants will be shredded if you skid across the asphalt. Instead of those type of pants, wear sturdy rider pants that will offer some protection for your legs.

Wearing a helmet is another critical safety point for motorcyclists. This protects the head and neck in the event of a crash. It should be DOT approved and in good condition. If you’re involved in a crash, be sure to replace the helmet even if it looks fine because of the likelihood of it becoming weaker.

What happens if you’re injured in a wreck?

Anyone who’s involved in a motorcycle crash should undergo a medical evaluation even if they don’t think they suffered a serious injury. This can help to uncover anything that might be wrong. The cost of trying to get care after this type of crash can be considerable, so make sure you have an experienced advocate looking out for your interests.