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South Carolina car accidents caused by out-of-state motorists

On Behalf of | Feb 24, 2021 | Car Accidents

Myrtle Beach, SC, remains a popular vacation destination for many American residents. All of us in this region of South Carolina appreciate the tourist dollars visitors bring to our community. However, we do not appreciate the dangers some of them also bring.

Vacationers want to relax. They want to celebrate and forget about their day-to-day worries. In some cases, they may drink too much and injure local residents in a crash. Often, these car accidents injuries are significant and costly.

Examples of how out-of-state drunk drivers injure residents

During the peak tourist season, visitors are quite active in the area. They frequent local bars and restaurants and then try to drive to their hotels after drinking too much. Below are some examples of how locals suffer injuries from out-of-state drivers.

  • Vehicle collisions between intoxicated tourists and residents
  • Striking pedestrians with personal vehicles or rented automobiles
  • Driving the wrong way on unfamiliar streets and highways
  • Colliding with bicycle and motorcycle riders
  • Driving too fast for conditions while also intoxicated

After the car accident, the tourist will likely return home, leaving you wondering how to get the compensation you deserve. Once they are gone, how can you attain a satisfactory solution?

Fortunately, it is hard to escape justice in modern America. Our injury lawyers have much experience with out-of-state motorists and car accidents. We also have experience with drunk driving crashes committed by residents as well as tourists.

Our experience has taught us that negligent visitors cannot hide from the law. Car accidents caused by out-of-state drivers can be complicated. However, an advocate can help you keep track of the driver and his or her insurer until you get the compensation you deserve.

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