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Spring break and DUIs: What everyone should know

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2021 | Drunk Driving

With the official start of spring only weeks away, one thing is certain to arrive in Conway: Drunken spring-breakers shedding their winter pallor for some sun on the shores of Myrtle Beach. These annual visitors are a needed shot-in-the-economic-arm of the area, but they also present some risks to the year-round residents when their partying gets out of control.

Everyone knows that they are not supposed to drink and drive. But the problem still persists, regardless. It is often compounded by underage drinkers who have little driving experience — especially in unfamiliar areas.

Tips for spring breakers to avoid DUIs

If you are a spring-breaker enjoying some Southern hospitality, we hope you will avail yourself of the following tips that may keep you and your friends and others who share the road with you safer this season:

  1. Fill your belly before you fill your cup. Those who drink alcohol on an empty stomach will experience more of the effects than those who have eaten prior to drinking. You can also alternate a glass of water or other nonalcoholic beverage for every beer, glass of wine or highball you consume.
  2. Arrange for an Uber or have a designated driver. With all of the available transportation options, spring-breakers have to avoid impaired driving, it makes no sense to jeopardize your future and safety and the safety of others by climbing behind the wheel once you start drinking.
  3. Don’t binge drink. Learn to drink responsibly and set limits on your alcohol consumption. This can prevent unhealthy drinking patterns that could potentially lead to alcoholism.

What if you are harmed in a collision with a drunk driver?

If an out-of-state drunk driver injures you in a collision, you may need to seek the counsel of a seasoned legal professional. Holding intoxicated drivers liable for the havoc they wreak on others can be handled in the South Carolina civil court system.