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Bar fights often leave bystanders with serious injuries

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2021 | Injuries

With dozens of bars and thousands of partying tourists, Myrtle Beach can be a hotbed for bar fights. While these fights often cause injuries to participants, bystanders are also at risk. Even if you drink responsibly and mind your own business, you may eventually have to deal with a potentially life-altering injury after someone else’s pub altercation.

If you receive any kind of aggressive contact at a bar, it is generally a good idea to seek a medical evaluation. After all, your body’s stress response may mask injury symptoms, making you not realize you have suffered an injury until hours or days later. Here are some common bystander injuries that stem from bar fights.

Traumatic brain injuries

Any time you have a blow to the head, you are vulnerable to developing a TBI. In a bar fight, you may suffer a TBI from someone’s fist or foot. A thrown bottle or barstool may also be enough to cause you substantial bodily harm. While some TBIs are minor, others result in major complications. These may include memory loss, visual impairments, dizziness, nausea, headaches and even concentration difficulties.

Deep lacerations

Glass bottles, pint glasses and stemware are commonplace in Myrtle Beach’s bars. If participants in a bar fight shatter glass, fragments may cut your skin. A deep laceration may cause you to have significant blood loss, and you may also have to deal with scars after the incident. If scars are visible, you may develop depression, self-esteem issues or post-traumatic stress disorder.

Joint dislocations

Trying to break up a bar fight may put you at risk. When doing so, you may dislocate a knee, shoulder or elbow joint. You may also strain or tear a ligament or another type of soft tissue. Even trying to run away from a dangerous situation may put you at risk for these injuries.

While you ultimately cannot control the actions of other bar patrons, you can take steps to protect yourself after an injury. Remember, if someone’s unacceptable conduct caused you harm, you may also be eligible for financial compensation.