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What to consider when renting a car while visiting South Carolina

On Behalf of | Jun 29, 2021 | Car Accidents

Myrtle Beach hosts various events and conferences throughout the year that draw tens of thousands of out-of-state guests. A large number of these visitors and vacationers will rent a car while spending time in South Carolina. Renting a car comes with a unique level of liability, and as such requires special considerations.

The last thing one includes on their itinerary is a motor vehicle accident in a rental. Unfortunately, accidents happen, and being proactive when renting a car can help avoid adding additional complications.

3 important things to consider when renting a vehicle

Every vehicle renter should be away of the following three points:

  • Graves Amendment: This critical amendment was added to a federal highway bill that was passed in 2005. The Graves Amendment protects car rental agencies from “vicarious liability” claims. In most cases, if a renter causes an accident, the injured party cannot sue the rental agency. Since most car rental agencies are involved in interstate commerce, they are protected under the Graves Amendment. The Graves Amendment leaves renters liable in the case of an accident.
  • Insurance: Although most car insurance policies for personal vehicles also include coverage while in a rental, it is a good time to review the policy to verify coverage and deductibles. If one is not covered, it might be a good idea to add the rental agency’s “temporary rental insurance.”
  • Collision damage waivers: Some mistakenly believe that purchasing a collision damage waiver with the rental agency is sufficient. These do not cover a renter from liability for damages to property or medical expenses for persons injured in the case of an accident. To be completely covered, one could rely on personal insurance or temporary rental insurance purchased from the agency.

Follow these tips can help to ensure that visiting South Carolina is memorable for all the rights reasons.

When planning on renting a vehicle, it is imperative to expect the unexpected. Being proactive and prepared is key as it is impossible to eliminate all chances of an accident. If involved in an accident with a rental, it is advisable to seek legal counsel that is experienced in motor vehicle accidents in South Carolina.