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Tips to avoid an accident with a distracted driver

On Behalf of | Nov 28, 2021 | Car Accidents

Unfortunately, distracted drivers are everywhere. Distraction is a leading cause of serious car accidents involving a major injury or fatality.

All drivers need to be defensive while driving on busy thoroughfares in order to avoid an accident with a distracted driver. Here are some important things that you can do to help you stay safe.

Slow your speed in inclement weather

People may be slower to react when visibility is poor, and wet roadways can be perilous because vehicles cannot brake with their regular precision. Be sure to drive at least ten miles per hour slower than you ordinarily would during heavy rain.

Watch out for drivers who do not stay in one lane

A telltale sign of distracted driving is continual swerving beyond the boundaries of a lane. When you see drivers who veer in and out of their lane, try to keep a safe distance. Attempt to pass only if it appears safe to do so, and always use your turn signal if you are changing lanes.

Be wary of inattention at stop signals

You have probably noticed an uptick in drivers who do not move forward after a light has turned green until somebody honks. This increasingly common occurrence is often attributable to cellphone use. Keep your guard up when you are in close proximity to a vehicle that has not responded to a green light.

Even very safe drivers may experience a momentary lapse in attention that leads to an accident. One of the most effective ways to avoid an accident with a distracted driver is to maintain your own focus on the road.