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A look at liability issues in a bar fight

On Behalf of | Dec 2, 2021 | Injuries

Most people head to the tavern to enjoy some relaxation time or perhaps to watch a sporting event. Some individuals, though, frequent bar scenes to instigate trouble and sometimes end up in a bar fight.

While the movies and television shows often portray this activity as exciting, in reality, bar fights can end up in criminal charges and serious injuries to the involved parties. Bar owners can sometimes face liability charges and expenses for their role.

Liability concerns for bar owners

Because the serving of alcohol calls for a certain level of responsibility, bar owners, according to a discussion from RMS Hospitality, can face an injury lawsuit after a bar fight. The lawsuit should prove a few pertinent points:

  • That the drinking establishment did not protect its patrons from harm in a reasonable manner
  • That the injuries to a patron resulted from the incident
  • That the bar did not exercise the appropriate security level

To reduce legal liability, bartenders should take care to not serve someone who appears intoxicated. They should also take quick action to stop an escalating situation that endangers patrons from throwing objects and other hazards. Something as simple as quickly calling for a police presence could prevent a lawsuit.

Smart strategies for drinking establishments

To avoid problems, bar owners should consider the reputation of their establishment. A bad reputation could result in a higher threshold of security required by the bar. To counteract this reputation. owners should always follow all applicable laws related to serving alcohol. They could also hire a professional security presence

Bar fights expose both bar owners and patrons to liability concerns. Responsible actions can reduce the likelihood of legal action.