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How can drivers with road rage affect motorcycle crashes?

On Behalf of | Jan 13, 2022 | Car Accidents

Whether you are on a highway or a back road, you may notice cars or trucks around you swerving or following you erratically.

Road rage causes accidents when someone drives aggressively in a way that endangers your physical well-being.

Lack of space

According to NBC News, anger can manifest itself in someone tailgating another vehicle. As a motorcycle rider, you are naturally more at risk for a crash when a larger vehicle tries to run you off the road.

The edge of a car’s front bumper can easily hit your wheels and send you flying if the driver gets too close. Lack of a proper distance between vehicles is one-way drivers cause accidents.

Disregard for rules

A person driving past red lights and stop signs without following the rules of the road is putting other drivers and pedestrians in danger. If someone is dealing with road rage, he or she may blatantly disregard these signs and rules so that he or she can tailgate or intimidate someone else.

Motorcyclists can easily crash if someone changes lane without warning or causes them to stop suddenly. Abrupt stops can throw a motorcyclist off his or her bike and into oncoming traffic.

Intense speeding

When dealing with someone who is pursuing you on the road, a car or truck going over the speed limit can be terrifying. Not only do motorcycles not have airbags or seat belts, but larger vehicles also can typically accelerate faster.

This leaves you at a dangerous disadvantage when it comes to safety on the road. Road rage can quickly become a deadly source of accidents if a car or truck driver becomes angry.