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Is this a traumatic brain injury?

On Behalf of | Feb 11, 2022 | Brain Injury

Motorcyclists generally suffer from a higher rate of accidents and severe injuries than other motorists on the road. This includes head injuries, despite the fact that helmets will go a long way to preventing the worst of it.

It is important to know the difference between brain injury severity, as it can help get the right kind of treatment as fast as possible.

Helmets and TBI risk reduction

Mayo Clinic discusses traumatic brain injuries, which motorcyclists have a chance of suffering from in the event of a crash. Of course, helmets greatly reduce the risk of a severe head injury but do not eliminate it completely. On top of that, improperly fitted helmets do not do much by way of risk reduction, and some motorcyclists do not wear helmets at all.

A variety of head injury signs

In any case, head injuries of varying degrees of severity can and do still happen. If faced with more notable and immediate symptoms, the head injury will likely lean toward the severe side. This can include piercing headaches that worsen or do not ease up over time, unconsciousness, and extreme levels of disorientation or confusion. In some cases, clear fluid may leak from a victim’s nose or ears, which is cerebrospinal fluid.

Regardless of the immediate symptoms, however, someone who has hit their head in a crash should seek medical care. Only a doctor can accurately pinpoint the level of severity of a head injury, and they can thus prescribe the right sort of care for a head injury victim. Waiting to seek aid can heighten the chance of extensive, irreversible damage occurs.