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Statistics on motorcycle accident injuries and deaths

On the road, you face many risks as a motorcyclist. Aside from heavy rain and other examples of inclement weather, you also have to watch out for negligent drivers. Sadly, drunk drivers and those who speed or use their phones behind the wheel cause many devastating motorcycle collisions each year.

It is helpful for motorcyclists and drivers to go over statistics on motorcycle crashes since this data draws attention to the prevalence of these accidents. Drivers and motorcyclists need to understand hazards and behaviors that cause these collisions as well.

Data on motorcycle accidents

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that over the course of 2020, over 180,000 people received treatment in emergency departments across the U.S. for motorcycle accident injuries. In 2020, motorcycle collisions also claimed the lives of over 5,500 motorcyclists.

Serious motorcycle accidents keep happening for a myriad of reasons. Sometimes, drivers fail to pay attention and look out for motorcyclists. Low visibility due to fog, texting behind the wheel, speeding, driver fatigue and intoxication cause many serious motorcycle crashes each year.

Moving forward after a motorcycle accident

The consequences of a motorcycle collision could upend your life. You could face physical challenges related to pain, rehabilitation or immobility. Additionally, you could find yourself in a financial bind due to losing your job or struggling with medical costs. On top of this, the mental impact of a motorcycle crash is often debilitating as well.

If a reckless driver caused you to suffer injuries in a motorcycle collision, make sure you stand up for your rights and explore resources that could facilitate recovery.