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These conditions can increase the odds of motorcycle accidents

Everyone on the road has a responsibility to be aware of changing conditions and adapt accordingly. Motorcyclists in particular should keep in mind just how much more likely an accident is to occur as a result of unusual road conditions.

The two-wheeled nature of motorcycles makes it much easier to lose control of your vehicle as compared to cars or trucks. To mitigate the risk of catastrophic injuries, it is important to practice good safety habits when driving under hazardous conditions.

Pavement damage

Potholes of any depth can damage your bike, or worse, cause you to bounce out of your seat and lose stability. When you see a pothole coming up in the road, your reaction might be to pull quickly left or right to avoid it, which can also affect your control of the vehicle.

Inclement weather

It goes without saying that ice and snow can be causes for concern during the winter months. However, rain can be just as dangerous for reckless drivers at any time of year, especially in areas with poor drainage along the road.


Roadside construction can present risks in the form of distractions, unusual traffic formations, and debris. Loose dirt and gravel can affect your handling in large enough quantities.

There are times when poor road conditions may be the fault of the city, but they can also increase the odds of negligent drivers making poor decisions. While you have the right to pursue a claim against motorists who are responsible for damages and injuries you incur, you should also act to protect yourself from harm by maintaining heightened awareness during less-than-favorable conditions.