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What to do if you get hit by a car while walking

In 2021, 7,845 people died in traffic accidents, while total fatalities were 42,915. Therefore, nearly 19% of those killed in vehicle accidents were pedestrians. This is the highest number of pedestrian fatalities in one year in 40 years.

Several factors contribute to the fatality rate among pedestrians, from hazardous weather, time of the day, age of the pedestrian and driver, drug and alcohol use and walking in areas designated for vehicles rather than pedestrians. These are steps you should take if a driver strikes you or someone you know while walking.

Call 911

If you are conscious, you should make sure you or someone on the scene calls 911. Be sure to ask for an ambulance as well as the police.

The police view the incident from the outside and can take more comprehensive notes. They will ask you key questions that stir your mind to remember the event more clearly. In addition, they file a police report that insurance companies, judges and others can use.

Get medical help

Whether you feel as if you received an injury or not, get medical help. Many times, individuals do not feel their injuries for several hours after a motor vehicle accident. You could have hidden injuries you do not feel or are not otherwise evident.

Avoid speaking with the driver

No matter what caused the accident, you should not accept responsibility for the accident. Therefore, do not speak with the driver who hit you. Also, avoid admitting anything to the insurance company, especially if they can use it against you.

For the best result in your case, write down everything you can remember. Take photos of the scene if you can. Gather witness statements, your medical records and the police report.