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Who is responsible for your truck accident?

Commercial trucking accidents often come with significant personal injury and property damage. If you were a victim of an accident with a commercial truck driver, it is important to recognize the signs that the driver was negligent.

There are a few different things to consider when assessing liability in a commercial trucking accident.

Was the driver negligent?

If the driver exceeded their legally permissible driving hours, opted to drive while fatigued or drove while distracted, these actions indicate liability on the part of the driver. Unsafe driving, including not only speeding and reckless behavior but also driving too fast for severe road conditions, can lead to liability as well.

Did the trucking company contribute to the accident?

Trucking companies can be at fault for commercial truck accidents, too. When a company hires a driver without sufficient experience behind the wheel or places demands that lead to unsafe practices, the company may be liable. This is particularly true when a company sets delivery times that require drivers to exceed driving hours or drive drowsy. Encouraging drivers to violate commercial driving laws places some liability on the driver’s employer as well as the driver.

In many cases, commercial trucking accidents have shared liability. The driver and their employer may both be liable in some cases, while the driver and the mechanic may be liable in others. It is important to consider every potential liability before you file your accident claim. The more you understand about the details, the easier it is to hold the responsible parties accountable.