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Lesser-known causes of distracted driving

Distracted driving is a leading cause of car accidents, but many drivers do not understand the things that contribute to that distraction. In fact, while you might already associate phone calls and personal grooming with distraction, there are many other things that contribute as well.

Here are some other causes of distracted driving to consider as the potential cause of an accident.

Emotional upheaval

Driving while you are angry, upset or otherwise emotional can interfere with your ability to be attentive to the road. You are more likely to make aggressive or irresponsible decisions behind the wheel when you are emotional.

Listening to music

While most drivers listen to the radio, if you get too invested in your favorite song, singing along and enjoying the music, you might not pay adequate attention to the road. This inattention to the road can increase your risk of an accident.

Needing the restroom

If you got in the car and then realized that you needed to visit the restroom, you should do so right away. Ignoring the call of nature can actually lead to split attention between the road and controlling your bladder, which may cause an accident.

Pets in the car

If you travel with a pet, especially an unrestrained pet, you risk distracted driving. Minding the pet to keep them out of things and secure may take your attention away from the road.

These are not common causes of distracted driving, but they are important to recognize. Be mindful of the decisions you make behind the wheel to protect yourself, your family and others on the road.