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What are your legal options after a bar fight injury?

Although bars and nightlife spots can be exciting, serious injuries can occur at these venues as well. Unfortunately, you can sometimes encounter bar fights while vacationing in Myrtle Beach or enjoying a night out with friends.

If you experienced a severe injury after a fight at a bar, depending on the situation, you could pursue legal action to get compensation for your pain and hardship.

Impact of bar fight injuries

Injuries sustained during bar fights can be very serious and have an enduring impact on your life. For instance, you could have medical bills from various tests, examinations and treatments. Many injuries require ongoing physical therapy, which can be costly. Furthermore, serious injuries can make working more difficult, resulting in decreased income. Household duties are also more challenging, and injured people might have to spend more time or money fulfilling domestic and caretaking responsibilities. Finally, severe injuries after a fight can be psychologically traumatic, contributing to emotional suffering and relationship difficulties.

Assault and injury lawsuits

In South Carolina, it is illegal for one person to assault another physically. If you have a known attacker, you might be able to press criminal charges. However, you can also pursue a personal injury lawsuit to receive damages that help you handle the various expenses and difficulties associated with the fight and your injuries. A guilty conviction in a criminal trial can strengthen your civil case as a plaintiff. However, you can still seek compensation for your injuries even if the person who attacked you was found not guilty in a criminal case.

You have multiple options for seeking justice after experiencing injury and assault at a bar in South Carolina.