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What is the likelihood of a car accident each time you drive?

No one wants to get in a car accident, but travelers understand that taking to the road involves inherent risks. Still, most people do all that is possible to minimize the risk of an accident.

One way to stay safe is to understand where dangers lie and avoid them. Consider the data on the odds of car accidents.

National car crash statistics

A recent report finds that over three-quarters of drivers in the United States have had at least one accident. For every 1,000 miles that American drivers travel, the odds of an accident are 1 in 366. These numbers break down to an accident nearly every 18 years, which is approximately three to four over a lifetime.

More accidents occur on Saturday evenings, and teens are more likely to experience fatal crashes during the warm summer months. Typical causes of collisions are drunk and distracted driving.

Reports for South Carolina

Many people love to visit the Palmetto State’s beautiful beaches and picturesque sites. With regular travel can come increased odds of accidents.

Various surveys put South Carolina near the top of the list for automobile accidents. The state tied for third worst drivers in one annual survey, and the death rate for accidents is higher than in other states.

Also, it is little surprise that the state has the second-highest rate for speeding since racing is a popular sport. Another survey puts South Carolina as the most-accident-prone state.

One of the trade-offs of living in a popular area with many visitors is an increased risk of car accidents. Holidays, late nights and sporting events often see a spike in dangerous driving in any location. Motorists do well to remember the statistics and take care whenever getting on the road.