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3 common ways people become injured at amusement parks

Going to an amusement park is a fun way for a family to spend the day or weekend during the summer. Most people expect that the rides and overall atmosphere will provide a safe experience for all vacationers. However, as with any activity, visiting one of South Carolina’s many amusement parks comes with certain risks that people should be cognizant of.

Here are three common ways that people become injured at amusement parks in South Carolina.

1. By experiencing whiplash

People who opt to ride a roller coaster generally know that they will experience sensations similar to or more intense than those felt when riding in a car going very fast around corners. However, just like in a car, there is a chance of sustaining whiplash while on an amusement park ride. Some symptoms of whiplash include stiffness in the neck, pain in the upper body and headaches.

2. By having a near-drowning incident

Many amusement parks have sections with water rides or contain water rides exclusively. At these venues, small children and those unfamiliar with swimming can be at risk of drowning. Experts advise that people who are not strong swimmers wear a life jacket, and everyone enter the water with a buddy.

3. By breaking bones

There are many reasons why someone might break a bone on an amusement park ride, including not wearing a seatbelt and going on a poorly maintained ride.

When people are familiar with some of the ways that they may sustain an injury at an amusement park, they can better keep themselves and their families safe.