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3 mistakes to avoid when the insurance adjuster calls

After suffering an injury in an accident, you might hear from the responsible party’s insurance company. The insurance adjuster often calls to take a statement and gather information from you as part of the process. While the adjuster might seem helpful, remember that they work for the insurance company.

There are a few mistakes you should avoid during this conversation.

1. Providing too much information

When the adjuster calls, you might inadvertently offer far more information than you should if you are still recovering, especially if you take medications for pain relief. Remember that anything you tell the adjuster might become evidence against you if they deny your claim. Stick to simple, concise facts about the accident.

2. Making recorded statements

In many cases, adjusters ask to record the phone call. You might agree without hesitation, but this can prove costly to your case. Any recorded statement is evidence and misinterpretations or manipulation of the recording can cost you a settlement.

3. Signing release forms

Be cautious about signing any release forms for the insurance company. Medical release forms provide them access to your medical records, which they could use to question the legitimacy of your claim. Discuss any potential release with your medical care provider before you sign anything.

According to Forbes, the median award in personal injury cases is $31,000, though some plaintiffs receive hundreds of thousands depending on the severity of the injury and the nature of the liability. Protect your right to compensation for your injury by avoiding these common mistakes when the adjuster calls to take your statement.