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What are the most common car accident injuries?

Car crashes may result in a variety of injuries. Some can be severe and create lifelong disabilities and other complications. Depending on your injury, you may need compensation for a variety of expenses, including recovery, therapy and rehabilitation.

To give you an idea of the injuries you could suffer, here is a look at the more common injuries that often result from a car crash.


Many people in car accidents end up with whiplash. This happens because the impact of the colliding car jerks the head forward and backward. As a result, the neck muscles and ligaments suffer strain, resulting in neck pain, headaches, stiffness and sometimes dizziness.

Head injury

A sudden impact can cause anyone in the vehicle to suffer a blow to the head. Sometimes these injuries are minor concussions, but traumatic brain injuries may also result. Still, the Mayo Clinic warns that even so-called mild head injuries can be serious and progress to a more dangerous stage.

Broken bones

Suffering a broken bone is possible in a car wreck, and it can take many forms. Sometimes people suffer a minor hairline fracture. In other cases, injured persons require surgery. Arms, legs and ribs are common locations for bone breaks.

Cuts and bruises

Because of broken glass and deployed airbags, suffering a cut or bruise is quite likely. Sometimes deep wounds can result, necessitating emergency medical attention. Still, even a minor cut may prove serious if it does not receive proper care.

Car accident injuries can range from subtle to possibly deadly. A proper medical examination after a car accident can clarify your situation and let you know what kinds of treatments and rehabilitation you need.