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How should you brace for a car impact if it is unavoidable?

Despite your best efforts to drive defensively and adhere to traffic rules, the unforeseen can still unfold. One such harrowing scenario is an unavoidable car impact.

While you strive to prevent collisions, understanding how to brace for impact becomes important during this time.

Maintain control

As the realization of a collision sets in, the instinct to panic may surge. However, maintaining a semblance of control is key.

Grip the steering wheel firmly with both hands and try to keep the vehicle as straight as possible. This minimizes the risk of spinning or flipping, ensuring a more predictable outcome.

Use your seatbelt

The seatbelt transforms into a lifeline in the event of a collision. In fact, 46% of American drivers involved in fatal vehicle accidents did not use their seatbelts.

It is important to prioritize securing yourself with a snug-fitting seatbelt. This restraint system reduces the risk of being forcefully thrown within the vehicle, substantially reducing the likelihood of severe injuries.

Position yourself strategically

In the seconds before impact, adjust your position within the vehicle to enhance protection. If a frontal collision is imminent, lean back against the seat while keeping your head against the headrest.

This minimizes the risk of whiplash and head injuries. For side impacts, shift towards the center of the vehicle, away from the point of impact.

Notice your airbags

Modern vehicles with airbags can cushion the impact and safeguard occupants. Maintain a safe distance from the steering wheel and dashboard to allow the airbags to deploy effectively. Position your hands at 9 and 3 o’clock on the steering wheel to minimize the risk of injury from the airbag deployment.

In the face of an unavoidable car impact, a clear-headed approach can make a significant difference. Road safety hinges not only on preventive measures but also on how effectively you navigate the unexpected.