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Brain injuries can leave children with behavioral issues

When thinking about severe head injuries, most people think about all the physical impairments that can accompany them. The truth is, though, in children -- and adults as well -- significant brain injuries can also result in a person having behavioral issues. For parents in South Carolina who are taking care of children who have suffered traumatic brain injuries, these behavioral problems can really take a toll on their lives over time.

When summertime fun leads to brain injuries, you may seek relief

It is officially summer, which means more people in South Carolina and elsewhere, particularly children, are enjoying time outside. They are riding bikes, going boating and using recreation vehicles of all sorts -- among other things. Fun as all that may be, sometimes accidents happen and brain injuries result. When such accidents are caused by another person's negligence, victims may have legal recourse.

Brain injuries Q and A

Injuries to the head can have long-lasting effects. Those in South Carolina and elsewhere who have suffered brain injuries are likely to have questions that need answers in order to help them move forward. This week's column will address some of the questions most commonly asked by victims of such injuries.

The rehabilitation process for brain injuries is a long road

South Carolina residents who have suffered head injuries or have family members who have, know that the rehabilitation process can be long and taxing. Brain injuries, depending on their severity, can affect different areas of the body in various ways. A rehabilitative schedule will be created depending on a person's specific needs.

Slip-and-fall accidents can result in brain injuries

In South Carolina and elsewhere, slip-and-fall accidents are fairly common. The victims of such incidents may experience a variety of injuries including back pain, broken bones and sprains -- among numerous others. Those who fall and hit their heads may even suffer mild to severe brain injuries.

Brain injuries caused by medical negligence may be compensable

A couple in another state was recently awarded a multi-million dollar judgment in a medical malpractice case. This couple claimed that their child suffered severe brain damage due to medical negligence during labor and delivery. When children suffer brain injuries due to suspected medical malpractice, parents in South Carolina may also seek justice and compensation by filing civil claims against those believed responsible.

Brain injuries do not just affect the victim

After someone suffers an injury to the head, one's life may be forever changed. However, it is not just the victim's life that is ultimately affected. Brain injuries can and do affect entire families. In South Carolina and elsewhere, it may be possible for brain injury victims and/or their family members to seek compensation any losses they have experienced.

Mild head injuries can still have serious consequences

Brain injuries are suffered by numerous people in South Carolina and elsewhere every year. It is believed that many of the head injuries seen by medical providers are actually considered mild in nature. However, this does not mean that their lasting effects may not be severe. Some individuals may suffer for years following a mild traumatic brain injury (TBI), which can take a serious toll on one's life.

GM may pay billions in automobile defects claims cases

Numerous individuals in South Carolina may remember or have personally been affected by the issues caused by faulty ignition switches in some GM model cars. Unfortunately, multiple people were injured or killed in collisions related to this defect. Sadly, though, many of those negatively affected were unable to seek compensation, as their automobile defects claims cases were blocked due to GM's bankruptcy filing.

South Carolina brain injuries: Types and common outcomes

Head injuries come in various forms and, depending on the severity, can have a variety of outcomes. All brain injuries are unique and the effects may be different for everybody. Sadly, for those in South Carolina and elsewhere who have suffered or who have lost loved ones to such injuries, the physical, emotional and financial implications can be devastating.

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