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Property Crimes

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Property Crime Defense Lawyer In Conway, SC

At our firm, The Law Offices of L. Morgan Martin in Conway, we defend people accused of every kind of property crimes in the Conway-Myrtle Beach-Dillon areas. These charges include theft, shoplifting and burglary.

Our goal as your lawyer is to use our knowledge and skills to keep this charge from ruining your life.

You Have Options For A Defense

You may feel that yours is an open-and-shut case, caught red-handed. Don’t be so sure. The law is very specific about what conditions must exist to obtain a conviction in a property crime. Very often these conditions do not exist, or they exist to an insufficient degree. In a petty theft case, for instance, the state must prove intention to shoplift — that you went into that store with larceny in mind.

Our goals are three: to defend your rights, to preserve your freedom, and to minimize the harm done to you and your family.

When we defend you, we work to make the prosecution’s job of proving your guilt as difficult as possible. If dismissal is possible, we will seek it. If a reduction in charges is possible and desirable, we may decide to seek that.

First-time offenders are often able to avoid going to jail or having the offense go onto a criminal record. We do this by seeking deferred prosecution. With deferred prosecution, the charge is dismissed after you demonstrate your intention to obey the law.

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