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Shoplifting Lawyer In Conway, SC

While shoplifting can be as innocent as simply forgetting to put something in your cart on the conveyor belt or slipping something in your pocket absentmindedly, it is a crime that the State of South Carolina takes very seriously. If you’re facing a shoplifting charge, you’re well advised to have the legal counsel of an experienced criminal defense attorney from Conway, South Carolina, on your side.

The Crime of Shoplifting

To be charged with shoplifting, you don’t have to leave the store with the merchandise in question. In South Carolina, any one of the following can be charged as a shoplifting offense:

Another element of the shoplifting charge, however, is that the accused intended to deprive the store of the merchandise in question without paying the full retail value in exchange. While proving someone’s intent is admittedly challenging, the state begins with the presumption that concealing merchandise infers intent. As a defendant, however, you have the legal right to fight this presumption with both evidence and testimony, and your seasoned criminal defense attorney can help you with that.

Fines and Penalties

Shoplifting charges are based on the value of the merchandise taken. Consider the following:

Shoplifting and Retail Theft Are Separate Charges

Although many people lump the charges together, shoplifting is distinct from retail theft in South Carolina. The charge of retail theft applies to circumstances like the following:

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