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Hotel Accidents

Hotel Accident Lawyer In Conway, SC

Staying at a hotel should be an experience that is relaxing, comfortable, and most importantly, safe. Unfortunately, many hotel guests have the opposite experience. They suffer injuries or become victims of crime because the hotel failed to take reasonable steps to ensure their safety and security.

If you were harmed while staying at a hotel in Myrtle Beach or surrounding areas, the attorneys at The Law Offices of L. Morgan Martin, P.A., can help you seek compensation in a premises liability claim. We have more than three decades of litigation experience, and we don’t shy away from tough or complex cases. We are ready to represent you whether you are local to South Carolina or were injured while visiting from another state.

Examples Of Hotel Negligence

Owners and operators of hotels cannot reasonably predict or prevent all possible injuries. But they do owe a duty of care to hotel guests to maintain a safe premises, fix known hazards in a timely fashion and warn guests of risks that cannot be fixed (or fixed immediately). Examples of accidents and harms that might lead to a premises liability lawsuit include:

Every case is unique, so the best way to understand whether you have an actionable claim is to speak with one of our experienced attorneys.

Hotels Fight Hard To Deny Liability

Owners and managers of hotels aren’t always willing to invest in keeping their premises safe, but they do go to great lengths to shield themselves from legal liability. Your hotel rental agreement likely contained fine print releasing the hotel of liability for injuries and property losses suffered by guests. Hotel chains also have teams of lawyers whose job is to shield the business from legal and financial responsibility.

In many cases, these legal tactics work. However, these blanket denials of liability do not absolve hotels of all responsibility. Our attorneys are not deterred by the tactics that hotels use, or by the teams of lawyers they keep on retainer. We have a deep understanding of personal injury law and a proven record of success in the courtroom. In short, we are the natural choice for representation in Myrtle Beach and surrounding areas.

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