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Know what factors impact criminal sentencing

A person who is facing a criminal charge has a few possible ways of resolving the matter. Many people choose to work out a plea deal with the prosecution. Others plead guilty and throw themselves on the mercy of the court. Some take their case to trial. There are many things that the defense might consider during the process of making this decision. One of these is the sentence that the person is facing.

Think about your goals to develop a defense strategy

Criminal charges must be address promptly, but you can't do this without evaluating your options. One of the first decisions you'll have to make is how you plan to plead to the charges. Most people opt to plead not guilty so they have a chance to develop a defense to fight the accusations. We can help you learn the possible defense strategies that you have for your case.

Understand how your plea deal might impact your life

A person who is facing criminal charges might be offered a plea deal to resolve their case. When the defendant admits they committed the crime at hand, this can be a useful way to resolve the matter because it gets the case finished faster than what's possible if they have to go through a trial. There are several points that might be included in a plea bargain, so understanding exactly what's being offered in your case is beneficial.

Why Miranda rights are important

Many people in South Carolina know of their Miranda rights from watching television shows in which the famous warning is depicted at the scene of an arrest. However, people may be less certain about how these warnings carry over into real life and how it may affect their rights in a criminal case if the police fail to provide them with the appropriate warning. When police arrest someone on allegations of a crime, they must present the necessary warnings, which include telling the person that they have the right to remain silent, that their words could later be used against them in court, that they have the right to a lawyer and that a lawyer can be appointed for people who cannot afford to pay.

Reasons community service may be unfair

While community service has been used as a humane alternative for jail time for individuals who cannot afford to pay court fees, it seems that there are times when it is not as fair as some would imagine. South Carolina residents and visitors may be interested in learning about some findings from a recent report that included 5,000 individuals who were ordered by the court to work off fines between the years 2013 and 2014.

Troubling statistics illustrate rising arrest rate

In Florida and across the country, an increasing number of Americans, especially young people, have been arrested. In fact, young people are much more likely to be arrested than they were in generations past. This comes despite the fact that violent crime has been dropping for decades. However, researchers note that while arrests may seem less necessary than in the past, police may be more likely to turn to arrests and criminal charges for relatively petty matters. Criminal arrests, charges and convictions can interfere with a person's ability to gain employment, education and housing for many years to come, so the increasing arrest rate is of concern to many.

Problems for felons in America

Felons in the United States lose many of their rights after a conviction. In addition to the more well-known losses of the rights to bear arms and vote, felons also cannot serve on a jury, live in certain places or adopt children. There are those who question whether America is too strict when it comes to felons, and South Carolina residents might wish to know more about this topic.

Cognitive bias may play a role in wrongful convictions

In some cases, police or prosecutors in South Carolina and other states will engage in misconduct that wrongfully sends a defendant to prison. However, researchers from Texas State University say that defendants are wrongfully convicted based on a variety of other factors. For instance, police may develop tunnel vision after identifying the individual who they believe likely committed the crime. Instead of objectively viewing the evidence, authorities may try to make it fit their narrative.

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