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Obtaining damages after an injury on a vacation property

When you go on vacation, it's common to have the highest expectations for the trip you are taking. You have rented a luxury home, the weather forecast looks good, and you have taken time off work to enjoy your time to the maximum. You have the right to expect that the property you have rented is reasonably safe for both you and the other guests you bring along, including your children.

Who is liable for injuries suffered at the beach?

South Carolina is home to one of the most popular beaches in the American South. Each summer, Myrtle Beach draws people from near and far to its shores for fun and relaxation under the sun. Although beaches are relatively safe for the most part, sometimes the unexpected happens, leaving victims nursing a serious injury or illness.

How do individuals most commonly get hurt at grocery stores?

When you walk into most grocery stores here in Myrtle Beach, you likely notice how orderly everything is. It's not a coincidence that these types of establishments are often well-organized, have sparkling clean floors, wide aisles and are well-lit. Retailers do all of this to minimize the risk of someone getting hurt. It's sometimes not enough for stores to take these measures though.

Parking lots can be home to unexpected dangers

When people park in a South Carolina lot, they may not expect to leave with an injury. However, parking lots can be surprisingly dangerous places, especially if they are poorly maintained by the property owner. Businesses have a responsibility to provide a safe environment for their employees, guests and customers. This includes working to make sure that the lot is safe. There are a number of issues that can affect people in parking lots; every year, there are over 50,000 car crashes that take place there. In addition, slip-and-fall accidents, criminal attacks and other incidents can also pose serious concerns.

Trampoline park goers more likely to suffer fracture than at home

Trampoline parks are becoming a popular attraction in South Carolina, as elsewhere in the U.S., but experts don't know how safe they really are. In January 2019, the Journal of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons published the results of a study comparing the rate of severe injuries, mainly dislocations and fractures, at trampoline parks and on home trampolines.

Robots aim to decrease grocery store injuries

Shoppers in South Carolina can encounter unexpected hazards when they go to the grocery store, especially if store owners refuse to invest in the employees or technology to ensure the shop is safe for customers. Because grocery stores are full of slippery oils, liquids and other substances that can pose a hazard of serious accidents and falls, it is important for maintenance teams to regularly examine the shop floor for potential dangers. Some stores are turning to a wheeled robot to automatically alert staff if a spill is detected anywhere on the store's premises.

Small Business Owners Need to Protect against Slip and Falls

Slip and fall accidents often result in personal injury lawsuits brought against small businesses and their owners. Such accidents can occur indoors or outdoors and are often the result of a customer tripping over an object or slipping on a wet or damaged surface. Torn carpet, broken sidewalks and icy steps are examples of conditions that may precipitate a slip or fall.

Pool safety for homeowners

Homeowners in South Carolina who have swimming pools should be aware of certain safety responsibilities. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are an estimated 7.4 million swimming pools in the United States as well as 5 million hot tubs. The CDC also reports that 3,356 fatalities resulting from accidental non-boating drowning take place in the nation every year. For every child who is younger than 14 years old and dies from drowning, an additional five more children will have to receive some form of emergency medical care for nonfatal submersion.

Businesses responsible for keeping customers safe

When people in Myrtle Beach head to a store, movie theater or other public space, they don't expect to be injured during their trip. However, when business owners do not maintain their properties or clear away hazards, slip-and-fall accidents could pose a major risk. While many think of slip-and-fall accidents as minor problems resulting only in discomfort, people can be seriously injured, especially when falling from a significant distance or onto a hard or rocky surface. In addition, people with pre-existing disabilities may have extra reason to be concerned about the effect of such an accident.

Roller coaster derailment injures 9 people

Many South Carolina residents enjoy going to amusement parks and riding on roller coasters. While these rides are mostly safe, accidents sometimes occur. Recently, a roller coaster derailed in Daytona Beach, Florida, causing two people to fall 34 feet to the ground and leaving two others dangling from the ride until they were rescued.

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