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What is an administrative license suspension and can I fight it?

Those who are accused of driving under the influence are likely to face numerous penalties under South Carolina laws if prosecuting attorneys are able to obtain a criminal conviction. The severity of the sentence issued varies based upon the specific circumstances of incident. What some may not realize is that even if criminal penalties are avoided or minimized, administrative penalties may still apply. Those who are charged with DUI will face an automatic administrative license suspension, which is handled by the Department of Motor Vehicles and Administrative Law Court.

Tyler Thigpen charged with drunk driving in South Carolina

Thinking about typical DUI arrests, these tend to occur after a person is pulled over in a standard traffic stop. However, DUI arrests can occur at some of the most random places. Recently, police in South Carolina arrested a man who had apparently fallen asleep in a drive-thru lane. This individual, who happens to be an ex-NFL player with a successful playing career from 2007 up until 2012, is now facing charges for drunk driving.

South Carolina man charged twice in a week for felony DUI

A South Carolina man is facing multiple charges for two separate incidents of alleged DUI. Charges against him include felony DUI, hit and run and driving an uninsured motor vehicle -- among several others. The consequences for a DUI conviction can be severe, according to state laws, particularly if there is a history of repeat offenses.

Impaired and/or drunk driving can have serious consequences

Driving under the influence of any impairing substance is considered a serious pubic safety issue in South Carolina. As such, law enforcement officers are constantly on the lookout for drivers who may show signs of this behavior. Those accused of impaired and/or drunk driving may face serious penalties under state laws.

South Carolina man wanted on felony DUI charge

A collision that left one person seriously injured has prompted the search for the individual deemed responsible. Police in South Carolina are looking for a young man they believe was impaired when the accident occurred. When this individual is found, he will be facing a felony DUI charge for his supposed role in the crash.

South Carolina man facing felony DUI charges for fatal crash

The South Carolina Highway Patrol recently arrested a man they claim is responsible for a car crash that killed two people and left others injured. According to police, they believe impairment is a contributing factor in the accident. As such, the accused has been charged with two counts of felony DUI resulting in death.

South Carolina man facing 2 felony DUI counts after accident

A 19-year-old South Carolina man was recently arrested and is being held at the Aiken County Detention Center following a car accident. He is facing two counts of felony DUI for the incident, that left him and two passengers with serious injuries. With charges like this on the table, the right to defend himself will be of vital importance.

South Carolina man booked in jail for suspicion of DUI

A South Carolina man was recently arrested and is facing charges for an alleged DUI incident. The penalties for a DUI conviction vary, typically based on the number of offenses on a person's record and any other circumstances specific to the charge at hand, but typically include fines and/or jail time. On top of the DUI charge, this individual supposedly had children in his vehicle at the time of his arrest and is also charged with placing those children at risk.

South Carolina woman taken to jail for alleged DUI and neglect

Motherhood can certainly be one of the greatest, yet stressful jobs out there. It is understandable that any mother may need to take a break and step away for a bit to recharge. Unfortunately, one South Carolina mother’s need for a break ended with a trip to jail, and she will now begin the fight to keep her child.

South Carolina police cracking down on impaired and drunk driving

Summer is in full swing, which typically means holidays and travel time. With more people out on the roads, the South Carolina Highway Patrol has launched a campaign targeting impaired and drunk driving. While these campaigns are always filled with good intent, they can also lead to officers looking for issues.

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