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Few federal cases actually go to trial

In fiscal year 2018, there were roughly 80,000 defendants from South Carolina and other states who were charged with federal crimes. Of those defendants, only 2% decided to take their cases to trial, and another 8% had their cases dismissed according to the Pew Research Center. That means that in 90% of cases, defendants chose to plead guilty instead of taking their cases to trial. Of those who chose to go to trial, only 320 were acquitted by a judge or a jury.

First Step Act could move toward justice reform

For people in South Carolina who have interacted with the federal criminal justice system, the First Step Act could be of serious interest. The bill has been endorsed by a wide and unusual coalition of supporters, ranging from President Donald Trump to longtime criminal justice reform advocates like the American Civil Liberties Union. The First Step Act is widely regarded as a compromise proposal, and it has received a number of criticisms. Some say that the bill is too weak to address real flaws in the system. For those who could be affected by the legislation, it is important to understand its provisions.

Nine in custody after South Carolina drug busts

If you drive about an hour and a half west of Myrtle Beach, you will come to Lake City, South Carolina. The town is perhaps best known as the home of Dr. Ronald E. McNair, one of the astronauts who died many years ago in the ill-fated Challenger shuttle explosion.

Criminal defense: Routine traffic stop results in drug bust

A man from out of state was operating his vehicle in the Myrtle Beach area when he allegedly ran a stop sign. Upon seeing this, police initiated a traffic stop and things just went downhill from there for the driver. He was ultimately arrested on drug charges. Due to the severity of the charges filed against the accused, the criminal defense offered is going to make or break this case.

South Carolina criminal defense: Accused of shoplifting?

In South Carolina and elsewhere, shoplifting is an issue that plagues numerous business owners. There are those who believe this to be a harmless act, but the truth of the matter is it hurts retailers and the loss, if significant enough, gets passed onto consumers in the form of increased prices. Because so many people can be affected by shoplifting, the state does not take this type of crime lightly. As such, those accused of shoplifting could benefit from a strong criminal defense to help them achieve the best outcomes to their cases.

Let a criminal defense attorney help you with that theft charge

Have you been arrested and charged with committing theft? If you have, you could face some substantial consequences if you are convicted in a South Carolina criminal court. At the end of the day, the outcome of your case will all depend on the details of the event for which you stand accused and how you choose to defend yourself. Coming up with a defense strategy is something with which a criminal defense attorney can help.

South Carolina criminal defense: Charged with a hit-and-run?

South Carolina has seen its fair share of hit-and-run accidents over the years. In fact, there have been over 900 of them in just the last five years alone. In total, 69 people have died in such collisions. The sad truth about these accidents is that the drivers are not always at fault, but by leaving the scene they create serious legal trouble for themselves. Thankfully, an experienced criminal defense attorney may be able to help.

South Carolina criminal defense: 2 arrested for DUI

Police officers in South Carolina performed a routine traffic stop on a driver suspected of impairment. Then, another driver crashed into the scene, leaving several people injured. As a result, two drivers, not just one, ended up being arrested and charged with DUI. Both have the right to a criminal defense.

South Carolina criminal defense: Shoplifting suspect arrested

A South Carolina man was detained and criminally charged following a recent incident at a local retailer. According to reports, he was arrested for allegedly attempting to shoplift a pair of jeans. As per the laws of the state, this individual has the right to a criminal defense to fight the charge and seek the best outcome for his circumstances.

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