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News Articles

News Articles

With over thirty years in personal injury and criminal law practice in South Carolina, attorneys at the Law Offices of L. Morgan Martin, P.A. have represented clients in several high-profile and noteworthy cases. In fact, a couple of the firm’s cases have been the subject of books and TV movies.

See below for news articles featuring prominent cases from the Law Offices of L. Morgan Martin, P.A. For advice or representation with your own personal legal matter, contact our firm for a free initial consultation with one of our lawyers.

Murder indictment dismissed on Stand Your Ground hearing in Horry County –

Marion county woman found not guilty of murdering boyfriend. –

Murder indictment dismissed on Stand Your Ground hearing in Horry County.

Criminal Sexual Conduct Charges against doctor dismissed – A physician indicted on seven counts of Assault and Battery of a High and Aggravated Nature and one count of 3rd Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct, after female patients accused him of inappropriately touching them during office visits, pled “No Contest” to Simple Assault and all other charges were dismissed.

Man charged with Murder receives probationary sentence – A 23 year old man who was charged with Murder in the death of his girlfriend received a probationary sentence as part of a negotiated plea struck between prosecutors and Martin.

Ferguson found Not Guilty in Homicide by Child Abuse trial – After more than a week long trial, a jury acquitted a 27-year old father accused of Homicide by Child Abuse in the death of his 5-week old daughter while the family was vacationing in Myrtle Beach.

Emotions Run High in Infant Death Trial, – Attorneys for the state and the defense made opening arguments and medical testimony gets underway in the trial of Miles Ferguson, who is charged with the death of his infant daughter.

Billy Hardee Found Not Guilty On Deadly Hit-And-Run – The owner of the Myrtle Beach Speedway was charged hitting and killing a man in October 2006, and then leaving the scene of the accident. Hardee took the stand in his own defense and testified that he didn’t know what he had hit and only left the scene after first stopping but not seeing what he hit and assuming it was a deer that ran off into the woods.

Doctor charged in murder of his wife receives 3 year prison sentence – Dr. Jorge Hernandez shot and killed his wife after a disagreement and pled guilty to manslaughter in a deal struck between prosecutors and Martin, receiving a 3 year sentence.

Jury acquits neighbor in fatal dispute – Jury acquits Garden City man charged with Murder after shooting his neighbor 13 times with a .22-caliber rifle during a dispute over the placement of a storage shed.

Bourne Found Innocent of Arson – A Conway florist who was charged with burning down his flower shop was found not guilty by a jury of his peers.

Jury Acquits Man In Killing Of Former Girlfriend – Mr. Martin obtained an acquittal of a 19-year old charged with the murder of his former girlfriend and prom date, with whom he had broken up with months before her death.

Doctor not guilty on all counts – Local orthopedic surgeon charged with 17 counts of Assault and Battery of a High and Aggravated Nature following accusations of fondling and inappropriate touching made by female patients is found not guilty.

Judge tosses case against couple – Judge grants a directed verdict in favor of a Tennessee grandparents charged with Attempted Homicide by Child Abuse and Ill Treatment of a Child after their daughter gave birth and abandoned the newborn in a hotel room while on vacation.

Dentist innocent in man’s death – Jury acquits local dentist charged with Murder in the death of a fellow duck hunter.

A jury found Timothy Ross Elliott not guilty of murder in death of girlfriend’s estranged husband.

Runoff set in 7th District Democratic primary–sun news article

Ferguson not guilty in daughter’s 2007 death –