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Catastrophic Injuries

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Catastrophic Injury Lawyers In Conway, SC

There is a class of injuries so serious and so permanently disabling they are designated as catastrophic.

They are permanently disabling, offering little hope of restoration or recovery. These cases are especially important because rightful compensation is the only way such victims can continue to live in anything like normalcy. Such injuries affect the entire family negatively, not just the immediate victim.

Their conditions may require constant monitoring, a personal attendant, ongoing rehabilitation work and psychological counseling, plus costly medicines and medical equipment.

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Catastrophic injuries include:

We believe there is no substitute for attention to detail and case preparation. When necessary, our lawyers work with experts to investigate and prepare the strongest, clearest evidence possible.

In some cases, catastrophic injuries become fatal injuries. When this happens, we have the option of filing a wrongful death claim, seeking compensation for the loss of that loved one from our lives.

Our attorneys at The Law Offices of L. Morgan Martin conduct personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis, which means you put no money down. We only collect fees after we produce positive results for you.

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