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Dog Bites

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Dog Bite Lawyers In Conway, SC

Dogs are great companions who enrich our lives and are worthy of our love and attention. If, however, someone else’s dog bites and injures you or someone you love, the matter is very different. Dog bites are dangerous injuries that are exceptionally prone to serious infections and long-lasting consequences, and that shouldn’t be ignored. If you’ve suffered a dog bite, it’s time to consult with an experienced Conway, South Carolina, dog bite attorney.

The Strength of the Dog’s Jaws

Dogs have very strong jaws that allow them to slash and tear skin – causing rough and jagged injuries that require more time and medical attention to heal, that generally require treatment with antibiotics, that are very prone to infection, and that can be permanently disfiguring. While children are especially vulnerable to the risk factors of a dog’s bite, a dog who suddenly turns vicious, which can be extremely difficult to predict, can seriously harm or even kill an adult. Never underestimate a dog’s power, and always take dog bites seriously.

Signs that You Need a Doctor

If any of the following apply to your dog bite wound, the Mayo Clinic says it’s time to seek medical care:

If it’s clear that you’ve been seriously injured, you shouldn’t hesitate to call 911.

Dog Bite Laws in South Carolina

Dog bite laws in South Carolina are strict and hold that a dog’s owner is responsible for any injurious incidents, even when they occur on private property. Further, the dog doesn’t have to bite you for you to bring a valid claim. For instance, a dog who causes you to fall and suffer injuries in the process meets the requirements for a dog bite claim in South Carolina.

If you are in a public place or are lawfully in a private place, you have protections under the law for losses you experience as a result of a dog bite or attack. In fact, South Carolina’s strict liability in relation to dog bites applies in both the following circumstances:

Dog owners are required by law to keep their animals under control, confined to their own property, or on a leash at all times, and when their failure to do so leads to injury-causing bites or attacks, they can be held liable.

An Experienced Conway, SC, Dog Bite Attorney Is Standing By to Help

The knowledgeable dog bite attorneys at the Law Offices of L. Morgan Martin, P.A., in Conway, South Carolina, recognize the terror associated with dog attacks and the immense physical, financial, and emotional losses that often accompany them. Our skilled legal team is well-positioned to help, and we encourage you to contact us online or call 843-248-3177 for more information today.