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Bicycle Accidents

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Bicycle Accident Lawyers In Conway, SC

With breathtaking ocean views and miles upon miles of trails, the Myrtle Beach area is a perfect destination for bicyclists. While you can mostly ride on a trail without having to worry about drivers, riding in Conway, Myrtle Beach or any of the surrounding towns brings the risk of a deadly collision.

When you are hurt or grieving the loss of a loved one, you need experienced attorneys on your side to handle the complex task of pursuing the justice and compensation you deserve. At The Law Offices of L. Morgan Martin, we have a lengthy track record of success in personal injury litigation, leveling the playing field against the insurance companies and holding negligent drivers accountable.

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Driver recklessness or negligence are common causes of bicycle accidents. Often times, drivers will claim that they did not see the rider or that the rider was the one acting recklessly.

The law, however, is clear: As a bicyclist, you have the same rights to the road (except for interstate highways) as cars, trucks and motorcycles. After your collision, we will quickly get to work investigating your accident to determine liability, which could include the driver:

Even with a helmet and proper protective equipment, bicyclists are at high risk of traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injuries, broken bones or death. That is why we will put our 30 years of litigation experience to use in pursuing maximum compensation on your behalf. We will not settle your case too early.

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