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Uber Accidents

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Uber Accident Lawyers In Conway, SC

Uber opens a world of possibilities when it comes to getting around, but if you’re injured in an Uber accident, the losses you experience can be immense. Car accident claims are challenging enough in and of themselves, but Uber accident claims involve the complication of determining which insurance provider – or providers – is responsible. If you’ve been injured in an Uber accident, don’t wait to consult with an experienced Uber accident attorney in Conway, South Carolina.

If You Are an Uber Passenger

If you are an Uber passenger who is injured by your Uber driver’s negligence – such as by their distraction or excess speedUber’s insurance provider will cover the claim. Uber carries expansive coverage that – with solid legal representation – should address your complete physical, financial, and emotional losses. If you aren’t an Uber passenger at the time of the accident, but the Uber driver either has a passenger or is actively engaged in picking one up, Uber’s robust coverage remains in play.

If the Uber Driver Is Waiting for a Passenger Assignment

If the Uber driver whose negligence leaves you injured doesn’t have a passenger but is, instead, on the app waiting for one to be assigned, the matter of insurance coverage depends on the amount of legal damages – or losses – involved. Uber drivers are required to have proof of personal coverage up to a specific amount, and if your claim exceeds this amount, Uber’s coverage will be triggered at that point. In this kind of situation, you will need to file your claim with both providers.

If the Drivers Is off the Uber App

As soon as an Uber driver leaves the Uber app, they are no longer affiliated with Uber, and the accident claim will proceed like any other car accident claim. The speed at which rideshare drivers toggle back and forth between rideshare apps – often driving for more than one in the same outing – can still make the claim more challenging.

Obtaining Compensation for Your Complete Losses

The losses you experience as a result of an Uber accident can be overwhelming and break down into the following classifications:

A key component of your Uber claim is carefully defining the full extent of your losses, and a seasoned Uber accident attorney is well prepared to get the job done – while fiercely advocating for your claim’s best possible resolution.

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