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Protecting Your Property Rights In Eminent Domain Disputes

Eminent domain is the name we give the government’s power to take private property and use it for public purpose. The key to the process, also called condemnation, is that the original owner of the property must be fairly compensated. This law reins in the power of federal, state and local governments. When government fails to make proper compensation for property it condemns, an owner’s sole recourse is to fight condemnation in court.

Eminent domain and condemnation are central to our practice at The Law Offices of L. Morgan Martin. During his tenure as state legislator, L. Morgan Martin was the go-to lawmaker on issues surrounding development and expansion. He had a hand in writing the condemnation laws that are on the books today. No wonder that many property owners, when they receive their notice of condemnation, and are informed of the amount they are to be paid for property that has been an important part of their lives, seek out L. Morgan Martin.

We Fight For The Compensation That You Deserve

A major part of our property condemnation practice is about the expansion of state and interstate highways. We also get involved in disputes involving shopping centers, malls, power lines and sewer systems. The most important factor in South Carolina is that the real estate is being taken for some clear public purpose.

While the government has the right to condemn your property, it cannot pull a price out of its hat. Just compensation must be determined by the highest and best use laws for your property. You are entitled not only to this proper price, but for the damages condemnation causes to your remaining property.

Our clients are pleased with the settlements we have negotiated in condemnation lawsuits. We invite you to call and discuss your situation.

Have You Been Offered A Lowball Price For Your Property?

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