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Prominent Verdicts & Settlements

From their offices in Conway, the attorneys at the Law Offices of L. Morgan Martin represent individuals in state and federal courts throughout the Myrtle Beach area in personal injury and wrongful death cases and criminal defense matters. In over 25 years of practice, our lawyers have achieved favorable settlements and verdicts on behalf of a wide range of clients.

Civil Litigation

We have taken personal injury and wrongful death claims to successful settlements or verdicts in a variety of areas, including defective products, automobile, and trucking accidents. Past results include:

  • $9.6 million verdict for the victim of burns received as a result of a defective electrical breaker box
  • Settlement in excess of $2 million for the wrongful death of a housewife killed in an auto accident by an impaired driver
  • Settlement in excess of $1 million for the death of a sixty-eight year old truck driver
  • Settlement in excess of $7 million for a property condemnation action brought by the South Carolina Department of Transportation
  • Recovering in excess of $1 million for worker shocked in electrical power cable accident at an amusement park.

Criminal Defense

In the area of criminal defense, we have taken over 75 felony trials to verdict, including homicide and murder trials, as well as negotiated numerous favorable plea agreements. Two of the cases defended by our office have served as the subject of books and made-for-television movies. Recent acquittals achieved by our criminal defense team include:

  • 2021 – May 21 Horry county man charged with Murder, Voluntary Manslaughter, Involuntary Manslaughter, and Attempted Murder found not guilty on all charges. After a week-long trial a jury deliberated for 4 hours before returning the verdict. Attached is a news article on the trial.
  • 2019 – Voluntary manslaughter conviction reversed. Defendant was originally charged with murder. Though acquitted at trial of the murder charge client was convicted of voluntary manslaughter until that conviction was reversed by the South Carolina court of appeals. In August 2019 the state Supreme Court denied the states request to hear the case effectively ending all criminal prosecution. See attached article and court decision.
  • 2019 – North Myrtle Beach man found not guilty of criminal sexual conduct 1st degree and unlawful conduct towards a child after week long jury trial. View Article
  • 2018 – North Carolina man wins “stand your ground ” hearing. Voluntary manslaughter charges are dismissed. View Article
  • 2014 – Marion county woman found not guilty of murdering boyfriend.
  • 2012 – Murder indictment dismissed after stand your ground hearing.
  • 2010 – Criminal Domestic Violence of a High & Aggravated Nature
  • 2009 – Homicide by Child Abuse
  • 2009 – Hit & Run Resulting in Death
  • 2009 – Criminal Sexual Conduct
  • 2008 – Murder
  • Murder charge reduced to manslaughter after week long trial for murder ended in deadlock (hung) jury

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For more information, see our personal injury and criminal defense overviews, or view any of our practice area pages. If you have a specific question or need advice or representation on a particular civil or criminal matter, contact the Law Offices of L. Morgan Martin for a free consultation regarding how we can help you obtain a favorable outcome in your case.