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Understanding the Consequences When a Road Obstacle Triggers a Motorcycle Accident

Conway, South Carolina, is a beautiful spot to ride if you’re a motorcycle enthusiast, but when you’re on your bike, you’re not only vulnerable to the negligence of other drivers but also to poorly maintained roadways and to other obstacles on the road. If you’ve suffered an injury as a result of another driver or another entity’s negligence, it’s time to consult with an experienced motorcycle accident attorney in Conway, SC.

Poorly Maintained Roads

When you’re on your bike, you ride on only two wheels, which means you have less connection to the road and are more vulnerable to losing control and being seriously injured in an accident. For example, when roadways are poorly maintained, motorcyclists like you can pay the ultimate price. Common examples include:

Any one of these can *trigger *a dangerous motorcycle accident. Triggering here means to set a motorcycle accident in action. For example, if your bike’s tire catches on a badly worn expansion joint, it can be all that’s needed to cause a serious accident that leaves you seriously injured.

Debris Strewn Roads

Debris on the roads can also be especially dangerous for motorcyclists. This can include debris left in the wake of a traffic accident, debris from a storm that isn’t effectively and efficiently cleared away, debris generated by truck tire blowouts, debris from sloppy construction work, and beyond. If you suddenly come upon debris on the road when you’re on your bike, it can trigger a dangerous accident.

Your Motorcycle Accident

If an obstacle on the road – regardless of what it is – causes you to lose control of your bike and to be injured in the process, the losses you experience can be immense, and you can seek compensation in each of the following categories:

It’s important to note here that if you were injured as a result of poorly maintained roads, you’ll file your claim against the responsible municipality, which is a governmental agency and which means that you’ll have less time to do so and will face more restrictive rules and regulations in the process.

You Need an Experienced Conway, SC, Motorcycle Accident Attorney on Your Side

The dedicated Conway SC motorcycle accident attorneys at the Law Offices of L. Morgan Martin, P.A., appreciate how extensive your legal damages are and are committed to fiercely advocating for your claim’s best possible resolution – in support of your fullest recovery. Your claim is important, so please don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us online or call 843-248-3177 for more information about what we can do to help you today.