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Drug Trafficking

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While the charge of drug trafficking may inspire thoughts of moving massive amounts of illegal drugs across borders, the charge often applies to far milder circumstances. The consequences of a conviction, however, are dramatic. The truth is that you can be charged with drug trafficking simply for possessing more than the threshold amount in the State of South Carolina, and better understanding the charge can help you better understand the case against you. If you’re facing a drug trafficking charge, you need the professional legal counsel of an experienced Conway, SC, drug trafficking lawyer in your corner.

Drug Trafficking Charges Based on Weight

A drug trafficking charge in South Carolina can be based on the total weight of the illegal drug in your possession or on a conspiracy to traffic illegal drugs. Often, drug charges in the state – including the charges of simple possession, possession with intent to distribute, and trafficking – are based on the drug’s overall weight. And the greater the weight involved, the steeper the potential penalties you’ll face.

If the drug trafficking charge against you is based on the weight of the illegal drug in your possession, it is an extension of a simple possession charge or a possession with intent to distribute charge, which are lesser included charges. If your charge is based on weight, there is the possibility of reducing the trafficking charge to one of these lesser charges – or to being convicted by a jury of one of these lesser charges – but the same is not true when the charge is based on conspiracy.

Drug Trafficking Charges Based on Conspiracy

Drug trafficking charges in South Carolina can also be based on conspiracy, but you must meet the state’s threshold for the charge of drug trafficking to apply. For a charge that’s based on conspiracy, the accused must have knowingly engaged in one of the following regarding the illegal drugs:

The Basis of the Trafficking Charge

A Trafficking charge in South Carolina can be based on any of the following:

Helping someone else do any of the above also suffices.

Threshold Weights

Some basic examples of threshold weights that elevate the charge to trafficking include the following:

The bottom line is that you can face a hefty trafficking charge for simply being in possession of a relatively small amount of these illegal drugs.

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